These are titled, Oh, My Darlin’ I, II and III respectively.  They are color screenprints I finished printing in November 2009.  I made the stencils for each color using drawing fluid and screen-filler.  Screen-printing in particular is about form and color and creating an image from the marriage of these elements.  These images were in part inspired by the subtle sensuality found in Edward Weston’s “Natural Studies” and partly because I happened to have a bunch of clementines in my kitchen at just the right moment.


3 thoughts on “Clementines

  1. Hoorah for you! I certainly will be stalking you here. I love this series of prints. They are fabulous! And they look great here. It would be fascinating if you would describe your “process” and technique…More please. XO M

  2. Just saw your work at “The Battered Suitcase.” So fabulous. Your piece “Beckett, Camus & Doestoevsky” sums up my entire undergraduate experience (except fo the science, of course.)
    Made me chuckle. Terrific my friend.

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